Parts of Speech

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Singular and Plural Countable Nouns

Infinitive and Bare Infinitive



Modal Verbs

Subject – Verb Agreement

To be, to have, to do

Reported Speech

Passive Voice


Will/going to


Using what, where, when, why, who and how

Relative Clauses



Parts of Speech Order


English grammar can be a bit confusing at times for a beginner. This is true in case of students and professionals alike. It’s absolutely important that you know there’s no need to be alarmed when you read a grammar topic. Think of a grammar topic as an article in a newspaper. When you read one, you remember all you can about the article. The next time someone says something about it, you’ll recall as much as possible about the article. When this happens a couple more times, it will be hard to forget about the article really soon. Similarly, when you read English grammar topics, do not be intimidated. Read all you can and try to comprehend as much as you can. Practice. You won’t get it right the first time. Come back after an hour or the next day, practice more. You will eventually nail the topics.

Please go through the topics listed in this section in the order they appear and practice as much as you can. The description to topics may not be elaborate. This is done deliberately to help easy learning. It’s important to get the basics right for a beginner. You won’t find all the uses for a specific grammar topic because you won’t use all that’s there about a grammar topic in everyday life. You’ll find the common usages of a topic. Practicing (eventually perfecting) them enough will give you confidence to move on to advanced usages of the same topic.

Remember, the key is to learn as much as possible and to practice even more. Learning English is no rocket science and you will realize that in no time.