Sometimes, we talk about actions. Not in the sense that you did something or you will do something. But, we use actions(verbs) themselves as nouns. When we do this, we look at the action related to the verb as a noun.


Running is good for your body.

See, we didn’t say,

Run is good for your body.

Because, we wished to talk about the action of running. We couldn’t have done that with verbs themselves. We added ing to the verb to make it a noun so we can use it as a subject or an object of a sentence. Such nouns which are formed by adding ing to verbs are called gerunds. Gerunds are {verb + ing}.

We do this quite often in English. We use gerunds as both subjects and objects of a sentence.

Gerunds as subjects:

Swimming is a fun exercise.

Cooking is a difficult skill to master.

Gerunds as objects:

We like playing basketball.

Kids love drawing.

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