Infinitive and Bare Infinitive

The Infinitive and the bare infinitive are important grammar terms in English. In order to understand sentence construction and grammar, it’s crucial that you know them.


This is the base form of a verb. It is just the verb plus the preposition “to” in front of the verb (to + verb). For example, the base form of the verb bring is “to bring.” Hence, the infinitive of the verb bring is “to bring.”

Similarly, the infinitive of the verb take is “to take.”

A few examples:

     Verb                  Infinitive

Clear                  to clear
Preserve             to preserve
Write                 to write
Turn                  to turn

Bare Infinitive:

The bare infinitive of a verb is its infinitive without “to” (to + verb). For example, the infinitive of the verb cool is “to cool.” Correct? Now, remove “to” from the infinitive. Then we have the bare infinitive, which is “cool.” Basically, you just remove “to” from the infinitive to form the bare infinitive.

Some examples:

               Infinitive            Bare Infinitive

To play              Play
To tell               Tell
To marry            Marry
To celebrate      Celebrate