Parts of Speech

We all remember lessons for parts of speech from our childhood. To be honest, these were the easiest English lessons when we were growing up. So, what are Parts of Speech about? Let’s read further.

We speak in sentences. While this is true, each sentence that we speak is made up of a group of words. Obviously, each word in a sentence carries a specific function within that sentence. Let’s illustrate this with the help of the following example:

Thomas went to Paris.

In this sentence, the word Thomas shows that we’re talking about a human being (something that exists). And the word went shows the action which he performed. 

As stated earlier, different words in a sentence serve different functions. Based on the functions they serve, words in the English language are categorized into 8 groups and each group performs a different role. We refer to these 8 groups as “8 Parts of Speech.”

Now, let’s look at them in depth.